Get the Greenery You Want

Get the Greenery You Want

Purchase new plants from our nursery in Texarkana, TX

Looking to add new hedges to your backyard or plant seasonal flowers out front? H&N Landscaping runs a plant nursery with everything you need. You can get items to plant yourself or rely on our landscaping team to install them for you. You'll be in awe of the beautiful flowers blooming all around our nursery. You can purchase your favorite and take it home to plant in your garden.

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Start growing flowers on your property

Whether you want seeds or stems, you can find them at our flower nursery. You'll be able to pick out exactly what you want and bring it home. Everyone from homeowners to landscaping contractors can get what they need at our shop. We have:

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Hanging plants
  • Soil
  • Gardening tools
  • More to offer

we also carry pottery & containers, garden accents, and a wide variety of fertilizers, chemicals to treat yards and plants.

Top choices
  • Jackson Pottery,
  • Proven Winners,
  • Fox Farm,
  • Western Imports,
  • Unique Stone,
  • Southern Living,
  • Weeks Roses,
  • Top Performance,
  • Knockout Roses,
  • Garden Debute,
  • Endless Summer Collection

Come to our flower nursery in Texarkana, TX today to shop for plants.